Whilst there is growing interest in the use of workplace intervention programs, by governments and businesses, to stem the growth of chronic disease AND improve the productivity and engagement of employees, there is little in the way of evidence based research to substantiate the effectiveness of such programs.

FCDP is the research arm of Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) - a low impact, pedometer-based, workplace intervention program that encourages increased activity. FCDP was established to work in partnership with universities to provide relevant bodies (governments and businesses) with proven outcomes on the use of evidence based prevention strategies in the workplace to a) guide continuous improvements in health and wellbeing of employees and b) measure the corresponding benefits to businesses and communities as a result of these improvements. FCDP has partnered with some of the world's foremost independent research institutes to do this.

Our research partners

Lancaster University – UK (Centre for Organisational Health and Wellbeing).
Monash University – Australia (Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine).

We invite you to review the exciting work we are conducting with these distinguished research partners.